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Welcome to the Art Department of the Phone Book Co. As an independent contractor, eyecandy creative media has been with the Phone Book Co for the past 16 years. Working closely together with PBC, I truly feel that their passion for their products and their customers has translated into our passion. Their vision for a superior, yet cost-effective telephone directory has become our vision; and they continually stretch our imagination, creativity and skills to our limits. All of us feel so fortunate to have grown alongside Manitoba’s Favourite LARGE PRINT Telephone Directories and we are so proud that we have the opportunity to leave our “arty” fingerprints all over something that has become such a welcome and comprehensive marketing and branding tool.

Find a copy of our complete sizes and specifications in pdf for download. Our Art Spec Document outlines many of the crucial areas in ad design and development for submission. Please take special note of the area on CMYK vs RGB colour as this can greatly affect the way your ad will print.

We look forward to serving your needs to the best of our abilities.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. We are here to serve you at no extra charge.

Office: 204-727-2389 | Cell: 204-726-4778 | Send an Email

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